So this week I am busy preparing for the Newmarket Wedding Fair and this got me thinking about a common interaction I have with brides at these types of events; "I love your designs but I think I'm going to do my stationery myself to save money." 

It is quite common these days to go DIY when it comes to wedding stationery or decor and I totally understand this. After all it's how I came to start Oops a doodle in doing my own and friends stationery for them. So my my first blog post I thought I would discuss the pros and cons of DIY and why for many in the end getting a designer to do the work for you is a better idea!

Let's start with the pros of DIY invites; the most obvious reason for doing your own invites is to save money and it does, because you are not paying for the deisgner's labour costs. Another positive is the feeling of achievement at making something for your big day and this can be a really fun activity to get your bridal party involved in.

However, the one big con of doing DIY invites is it IS time-consuming. Sure you're saving money by doing the invites yourself but the time it can take to create beautiful and professional looking invites is often underestimated. Many will be surpised just how long it can take; thinking of the design, sketching, editing, printing, cutting, folding, gluing etc. All these things that seem simple but are so time consuming. It's not a problem if you have all the time in the world but when you're working full-time at the same time as most people will be you start to understand what you are paying for with a designer. The initial lure of just paying for your materials can quickly diminish when you realise the amount of work that it involves and then you start to dream of being able to click your fingers and poof it's done but it's not its 2am and the invites have to go out tomorrow!

Another key factor in deciding whether to DIY or use a designer has to be whether you have the creative chops for it. For me, wedding stationery sets the tone of your wedding day before your guests even arrive and you need to carefully consider whether your creative ability will be good enough to commuincate or do justice to your wedding day.

The other option is a compromise: DIY Printables. This is where you pick a stationery design you like from a designer and they customise the deisgn for you by adding your details, changing colours etc and then they send you the digital file for you to print at home yourself or take to a printers. This could save you both money and the stress of crafting into the wee hours!

So in my humble and obviously slightly biased opinion, unless you are a naturally creative person who is super organised and has lots of time on your hands, get a designer to make your invites for you! Yes, it will cost a little more but remember how much time, effort and stress they will be saving you!